Residential Building Selling

We are finishing apartments for sale in a commercial and residential complex, in semi-detached blocks 591-596 in Dobrinja 1 Estate, Istocno Sarajevio. The building has ground floor + 3 storeys + attic or ground floor + 4 storeys + attic and is located on the main street. The parking area runs to the back of the building. The building utilised “ab” load bearing walls, “ab” concrete ceilings and 38 cm outside walls made of “poroterm” panels. The façade was made by combination of “demit” type of façade and Al glass stone. All apartments have central gas heating system, common aerials, intercoms etc. The balconies are enclosed or cov-ered with glass (in the attics).

Prodaja sambenih i poslovnih prostora
Prodaja sambenih i poslovnih prostora

Blok 7 lamele 503-506
Dobrinja 1 Blok A
Dobrinja 1, Blok B
Lamele 1,2,3 Dobrinja IV
Lamele 311,312,313,314 Rasprodato